The 3 P’s of Interviewing: The three things you need to do to succeed in interviewing

There are so many things that are important to getting a job. There are so many topics I could cover on this topic that I could write a book on it (I actually have, it’s currently being edited and will be out soon). However today I wanted to cover three things that are essential to interviewing successfully. In fact, for me these are the things that I consider to be most important. This post will cover the three P’s of successful interviewing and what they mean to me.


I once heard a quote that stuck with me “Hire for passion. Skills are cheap, passion is expensive”.  It’s so true, the fact of the matter is that people hire people they like and people like people who are passionate. When you are passionate about what you do, you are giving off the message that for you it’s not just about a paycheck. It’s about doing good work that you believe in.

Its funny, another important thing happens when you are passionate. When you are passionate you come off as confident. When you are upbeat and expressing your passion for something it is almost impossible to come off as timid. People love confidence. The fact of the matter is nobody is going to believe you if you don’t believe yourself and when you are confident you are projecting that you know what you are doing. Being confident and passionate is a recipe for success in so much in life and interviewing is no exception.


You would be hard pressed to have a single conversation with me about interviewing or your career in general without me mentioning preparation. If you are failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. You can be excellent at what you do but if you come into an interview under informed people are going to think they aren’t a priority to you. That is never what you want people who are interviewing you to think.

I have written posts about this before and how you adequately do it, in my opinion but the main takeaway here is to put in the work. Come into your interviews knowing what the company does, some of the things currently going on with the company and in their market, know about some of their struggles and what someone like you can do to help. You will never walk away from an interview wishing you were less prepared. 


The last critical point I want to make is that regardless of your struggles and how many times you bump up against rejection, stay persistent. So much of life is just showing up and sometimes, you have to show up a lot before you get that breakthrough. There have been times when I thought I nailed an interview and through I was perfect for a role but I didn’t get the job. Sometimes, it’s just the way it goes. Maybe someone senior had come in and interviewed well, maybe you are getting into the process too late, maybe someone interviewed who knows someone who works for the company and got a strong recommendation or maybe they hired an internal candidate. Some companies will end up filling about 40% of their roles with internal candidates. Quite frankly, that’s great for the company and once you are hired by a company, that’s great for you as well but it can certainly make it tough to get into a company. So what I am saying is don’t get discouraged. If you are determined to make a move and get a new role, don’t let the setbacks temper your enthusiasm and stop your ambition. Use every interview as an opportunity to improve your interviewing skills and nail the next one!

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