What can Job Seekers learn for Super Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning #SB50

Today marks the biggest sporting day of the year and given the occasion on wanted to write a post related to a certain player and what job seekers can learn from this player. Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He is pretty much top 5 in all statistical categories in which quarterbacks are measured, he has one Super Bowl ring and today marks his third Super Bowl appearance. Right now you are probably thinking, well Ben, that’s great, but what does that have to do with someone looking to find a new job? A fair question and I promise I will get there. With Peyton Manning being 39 years old and coming off a variety of injuries, it is likely that Sunday will be his last game. And at 39 years old Peyton, who was never the most athletic quarterback, is a shell of what he once was physically. However that is not the reason Peyton Manning is out there, Peyton Manning’s success can be attributed to his mind just as much as it can be to his arm. Peyton Manning’s preparation is the stuff of legend. As a freshman in college, before he was even the starting quarterback he asked for the film of their first opponent, UCLA. However he didn’t want a couple games, he wanted the entire last season so that he could watch every snap UCLA had played the previous season, and that’s when he wasn’t even playing!

The insatiable amount of knowledge is what Peyton Manning brings to the table as your quarterback. He knows what the defense is going to do before the play even happens just by the way they are lined up. With his body failing him he has no choice if he wants to be successful to out prepare the other team. While I personally expect the Carolina Panthers lead by Cam Newton to win Sunday, one thing is for sure, Peyton Manning will be ready. So, why talk about Sports on a blog dedicated to those driving their careers. Well the answer is simple, what makes Peyton Manning successful is the thing that can set all of you up for success. Preparation.

In the same way Peyton Manning watches every snap of his opponents defense so he can diagnose how they plan to stop him, you can research and practice every common interview question so that when it comes time for you to answer those questions you know exactly what to say. A simple Google search on interview questions will give you unlimited access to virtually every question you could be asked. Knowing what the role you entails you can discern which questions you will most likely be asked, print out the questions, write out your perfect response to the question and practice your delivery. People find interviewing stressful and I get it. A lot can ride on a successful interview and they can be very intimidating. But the more you prepare the less intimidated you become. Have you ever been in an interview and been asked a question that totally stumped? Maybe you stammered for a bit, said your fair share of um’s and then answered the question in a way you wish you could take back. I know I have. Well if you knew what that question was ahead of time, likely, it wouldn’t have bothered you at all. With proper preparation you can set yourself up for that kind of success.

In addition you can find out the people interviewing you, find them on LinkedIn and learn about them. Where did they go to school? What roles have they had on the pathway to their current role? What companies have they worked for? All these pieces of knowledge can set you up to successfully interview and with the access you have you are doing yourself a disservice not to. Also, know about the company. What articles about them are currently in press? Are they public, if so, what are their financials for the last quarter? For the last year? In my experience preparation is just as important as meeting the job qualifications. Find the questions they are likely to ask you and then practice, practice, practice. Have a family member or friend ask you the questions and prep you. If you want there are services out there such as this, Interview Coaching , where professional can prepare you for your interview. Whatever you do, don’t walk into that meeting room or office without putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed.

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