31 Interview Questions in 31 Days

I going to do something drastically different. For the last year, I have run this blog and for the most part I would create one post per week. Typically, they range from 1100 to 1500 hundred words. And frankly, it has actually gone quite well. I have received significant traffic, people have purchased My eBook, people have downloaded my FREE Interview Prep Guide and I have even been asked to be on a few podcasts. So why change it? Well my plan is to change it for one month only. For the next 31 days, I plan on posting a post every single day.

Now, I don’t plan on posting 1400 word posts. That would be a ton of writing. I plan on creating 31 quick hitting posts. Each of these posts will be designed to help my audience answer one interview question. Of all the questions, I get asked, the greatest majority of those question are how to answer specific interview questions. How do I answer “why are you looking for a new job”? How do I answer “what are you targeting in terms of compensation”? You get the point.

For the next 31 days I will attack an interview question. I will tell you why the question gets asked, what the recruiter will be looking for and how you can answer the question to the best of your ability. At the end of the 31 days I plan on returning to my normal format. However, in the meantime I hope this flood of content can help you prepare for 2017. Because while we have hit the slow months in terms of recruiting, it will be 2017 before you know it and those of you who are interested in pursuing new career opportunities will need to get going quick.

So, I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions you specifically want me to ask feel free to comment below. If you happen to see this post on LinkedIn, please feel free to comment below. That is usually the easiest way for me to see it. Well that is all I had. Tomorrow come back to the blog to see me answer the question, “Why are you looking for a new role”? Thanks for reading and remember, there is never a bad time to hear about a great opportunity!

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