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Hi! Welcome to my blog! See below this text, I am the lucky guy in that picture. My name is Ben White and I have been recruiting for the last eight years of my life. If on average I spent 2080 hours (that’s what 40 hours a week for a year adds up to) a year recruiting (I am sure it was much more than that), then I would have been working in recruiting for well over 15,000 hours. According to Malcolm Gladwell that makes me an expert. What is unique about me is that I have done recruitment the entire six years but I have done so in several different capacities, giving me a unique perspective that I am able to share with my readers.

I have worked as a Head Hunter (in my book I explain what this is) for a small single office and a Fortune 500 company which is considered the preeminent leader in staffing. I have also functioned as a Corporate Recruiter for a different Fortune 500 company. Currently, I am working as a Director of Talent for Titus Talent Strategies. We work for a  variety of clients in a variety of industries finding passive talent and partnering to help companies find great culture matches. Unlike your standard 3rd party agencies (which I have done in the past) we don’t get big expensive bonuses when we make a fill and we can save our clients 75% on traditional agency fee’s. If you want to find out more feel free to email me at ben.white@titustalent.com and I can explain our unique, proven model.

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Ultimately what it boils down to is that I know recruiting and I know it really well. I have set on every side of the desk imaginable and I know how and why it functions the way it does. I know why recruiters say things, why they say the things they do when they do and I know about the hiring process. The goal of my blog and my book is to give me readers every advantage when it comes to getting hired. Part of the reason I like being in recruitment is I like to be able to impact people’s lives, that is a very powerful thing. MY hope if that through my book and my blog I able to impact more people and help them navigate what can be a difficult and stressful process.

If you have questions or comments please don’t hesitate! I am here to help!


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  1. Ben,
    Appreciated your post on 7 mistakes. Thought you might like make one correction though.
    In the section about thank you notes, you used the phrase “wouldn’t it be better to air.” In this case, “air” should have been “err.”

    Now it’s on to 5 Questions.


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