Build your own website!

A year ago I was trying to find more productive ways to spend my commute in the morning than listening to Mike and Mike. Nothing against the show, I find it very entertaining but as someone who likes mostly football and basketball, I often found that that the discussions outside of those sports were kind of boring to me. I decided it might be a better idea to open up my Podcast App on my iPhone and learn something. On the very first day of listening to podcasts I happened to find one about creating a blog online and what it can do for you. I instantly loved the idea. That very night I bought this domain name at WordPress and started down the long road on creating a blog. It has been about 7 months since I started and in that time I have learned a ton. I have finished tons of other blogs for ideas and listened to a ton of podcasts on everything from click through rates to SEO to web-site hosting. In that time I have also seen a ton of success. I published my first eBook, I have been featured as a guest on several websites and grown from 40 visitors in my first month to 20,000 visitors last month. It has been a challenging but extremely rewarding adventure. The reason I made this page is because I want to encourage those of you thinking about doing it to do it. Everybody has something that they are great at and they can share with others. If you are thinking about creating a blog or a website but don’t know if you should let me say this to you, a year from now you will wish that you had started today. I started my journey 7 months ago but I wish I had started 17 months ago or 70 months ago. While it can be a slow process but for me is just to do at least one thing everyday to get yourself closer to where I want to be. What is that step for you? Is it coming up with an idea? Perhaps its starting your blog today.


Anyway, my advice is take the step. If you haven’t created a website as of yet, I went to WordPress to create my site. After I created it and got it up and running  I migrated my content to Blue Host. Blue Host is the, in my opinion and the opinions of many I trust the best web hosting you can find. While WordPress is a really nice place to start, when I made the move to Blue Host I was able to do so much more with analytics and the myriad of free Plugins they offer. For someone like me who is still learning not only does it make things much easier it also helps when it comes to customization. It helps with SEO and various other content data points that have helped me really create my site the way I want it.

My site is about helping people find the best jobs and companies find the best people. That’s what I know and what I am passionate about. But your site can be about anything. Maybe its about photography or travel. What do you know, what are you passionate about. What is your unfair advantage? Whatever it is, find that thing and create!