Relocation Question

Earlier today I had a member of the LinkedIn group I manage, Career Discussions – Job Seekers, asking a question about trying to find a role in an area he was planning on relocating to.  Below are the question he asked and the answer I posted but I thought it might make sense to share it here to.  It is a great question and one that has many ways you might go about answering it.  People who decide to relocate to a new area often find themselves in this circumstance. For obvious reasons it would be nice to find a job before you relocate but it can be difficult to secure a new position when you are currently elsewhere, especially when facing the competition of local talent. By the way, if you would like to check out my group on LinkedIn, here is the link:


Looking to make a move to Minneapolis in the late spring. 

I have no family in Indianapolis and a brother in Minneapolis. Looking to find a good company that is solid and has low politics. (and may move me). I am an experienced Quality Engineer with a good record for driving improvements. Any thoughts on the best way to focus recruiters to a certain city or area?



Hi Curtis! That is a great question. I could probably write a 20 paragraph response to this question but I will give a few basic recommendations to start. The first thing I would do is make sure your resume is order and make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated, tells a good story and is keyword heavy. I would then set up Indeed alerts to let you know when Quality roles that fit your criteria open up. When you find roles you are interested in, check to see if you are connected to anyone who works in that company. If you happen to know someone they might be able to get you in front of the hiring manager as a referral. Even if you aren’t super close with the person and you only know them through LinkedIn, reaching out to them to ask them questions and let them know about your level of interest can certainly help. Another approach would be to do a Google search to find Recruiting Agencies who specialize in that geographic area. In addition to that if you happen to be in a certain niche, like “plastic injection molding” or “metal stamping” it would be great to find a Head Hunter who specializes in that area. You can Google them, find the phone number to their office and simply call in and make the introduction. This can be helpful because they may have clients in the area they can help get you in front of. They will often be grateful to hear from a new potential candidate looking to move into their market. I would also recommend you put together a cover letter indicating your expertise and your intention to relocate to this area. Sometimes recruiters who see a resume with a different location will pass on a candidate unless they specifically mention they are looking to relocate. Hope this helped. If you have any more questions I would be willing to chat on the phone for a few minutes. Great question! Thanks for adding to conversation!