How LinkedIn can get you a new job: Why it’s crucial for every job seeker

Most people are familiar with LinkedIn but I talk to far too many people who don’t actually utilize it properly. If you don’t know what LinkedIn is, it is a social media platform for professionals, a lot like a resume you create online and it’s a great way to connect with others. It’s funny, but I interview people all the time who tell me they have an account but they don’t really use it… Don’t really use it?!?!? If you are looking for a new job or even if you are a professional who might want to hear about new opportunities from time you absolutely have to have a LinkedIn account. Not only do you need to have one, but you are missing a real opportunity to if you don’t have it optimized.

Let me tell you why it’s so important. According to a recent LinkedIn investor call, LinkedIn has 332 million members and every second it gains 2 new members. That comes out to 1/3 of the professionals on the planet!  To me that is amazing. So while those numbers are pretty amazing, how does that impact you? It impacts you because people like me, recruiters, are constantly on LinkedIn trying to find professionals to tell them about roles. So if you set up a great LinkedIn account it literally can do the leg work for you getting a new role. In fact 2 of my last 3 roles came through LinkedIn. Ultimately, even if you aren’t looking for a role, wouldn’t you want to know what’s out there?  I wasn’t actually looking for a role either time I was contacted via LinkedIn but it just so happened that the opportunities were awesome and I ended up taking them.

You want that to be you, a good LinkedIn profile can the leg work of a job search for you and land you interviews. But again, just having a LinkedIn account isn’t going to it. There are many little tweaks and changes that can help get you viewed more. For example, according to LinkedIn you increase your views by 11 times by simply including a photo. For other ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile take a look at this link, Service Offerings.

People like me do searches every single day based on job title and keywords located in your LinkedIn profile. In fact, a good portion of the recruiters have an advanced account on LinkedIn that gives them the ability to view and message more people on LinkedIn than the average user.  These accounts are called “LinkedIn Recruiter Seats” and at every single company I have worked at we had access to them.  Not only did we have access to them but when it comes to looking for candidates who are “passive”, it is by far the most commonly used tool.

Setting up a good LinkedIn profile is a must for any professional in my opinion. It’s a free tool that allows you to connect with other professionals and even if you just want to use it passively, it might just land you your next job. Besides potentially landing you a great job and it being a great way to network with other similar professionals, it is a great medium for consuming professional articles and is filled with great content.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account I would encourage you open one up today and if you do have one but you under-utilize it, I challenge you to go make it more robust. LinkedIn actually helps you make your profile better with tips and tricks. If you really want to make yourself visible to potential employers you can use a service like this, Service Offerings. Not only will they help with making sure it’s a properly functioning profile, they also utilize SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to make sure that you come up in those searches more frequently and give you the advantage in landing your next role.