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When I started the process of writing my first book I don’t think I truly understood how big of an undertaking it was. That being said, it was an absolute blast! I truly enjoyed every single chapter that I wrote. It was exciting finishing it, when I first got my cover back I was ecstatic and when I finally got the edited version back in ePub format I couldn’t wait to put it on Amazon. Not saying that it was easy to write or that there weren’t days where I didn’t feel like writing, I definitely had those days. But overall, it was an awesome experience.

Book Cover

My book is a complete guide on getting a job, written from the perspective of a person who has hired hundreds of people. I wrote this book so that you know exactly what is coming during the hiring process, why its coming and a guide on how you can perform to the best of your ability at every stage. The book covers every single step along the way. It covers finding jobs quicker, customizing your resume, nailing every stage of the interview and offer negotiation. If there is a possibility of it happening during the interview process, I cover it. I also cover how you can work with recruiters, establish relationships with head hunters and leverage those relationships to find jobs you otherwise might not know exist. Click this link to check it out on Amazon Getting the Job.

Check out this excerpt from my book.

Common Interview Questions and how to answer them

            This chapter focuses on some on the questions I can almost guarantee you will hear in an interview over the course of your professional life. Many you will hear multiple times or even perhaps every time you interview. And sure, you could wing it and just shop up to your interview and assume that you are going to be able to recall these answers from your vast experience but why do that? The thing is, you don’t have to because I am going to lay out some of the questions I can almost guarantee you will encounter at some point and I am going to tell you how to know them out of the park. Take a look at the questions below:


Q – Why are you looking for a new job? (or, why are you leaving your job)

A – This is a tricky question because you need to avoid saying anything negative about your current employer but you also need to avoid saying “I want more money to do what I am doing now” even though that might be the case. Instead, talk about how “while you like it at ABC company, you are looking for a role that has _________”. You can say a variety of things, it’s best if it’s something you are really looking for like more development opportunities or more strategic involvement, or you want to diversify your skills, etc.

Q – What makes you the best candidate?

A – This is an awesome question to get. Quite frankly, it’s a layup. Questions like this are easy opportunities for you to sell yourself. During your preparation you should have studied the job posting in depth, allowing you to speak to the core functions of this role, your similar experience and the value you would add. Just remember not to ramble on for too long but prepared to self yourself here.

Q – What is your greatest weakness?

A- So this is the classic interview question that often stumps people. It won’t stump you though because you are going to prepare for it and be able to answer it. The key to answering this question is you don’t want to say something that is vital to the success of the role you are interviewing for, you want to say something that you have worked on and improved into a strength and you want whatever it was that was an issue not to be too critical of a weakness. So if it’s a job where you will be interfacing with customers you don’t want to say you get angry easily or you are shy. You also don’t want to say something super obviously positive like saying “I just don’t too hard”. They will see right through that. It’s best to pick something that any person might run into, what you learned from it and how it’s no longer an issue for you. It has turned into a positive.

            So let’s go through an example. “Well I am a very detailed oriented person and I have a tendency to be a perfectionist. However in my last role, I would sometimes receive a lot of tasks that had competing deadlines and I found that I was spending too much time getting bogged down in every detail when it wasn’t necessary and that was causing me to need to stay later to finish everything. I realized that there were details that didn’t need such scrutiny and that if I didn’t obsess over everything being absolutely perfect I was able to complete everything quicker and the quality was still more than sufficient.”

            I like that example for several reasons, it highlights that you take pride in your work, it lets them know you are willing to stay late in order to get the job done, it shows you are willing to alter your methods to be more efficient and most importantly it shows that you took a weakness and turned it into a strength.”

My book offers a step by step how-to guide with screen shots, instructions and recommendations that I have picked up over the course of six years experience. With over 30 chapters of in depth information, it is a comprehensive guide unlike any I have seen before and its only $2.99. Here is the link to my book, Getting the Job, I hope you enjoy!