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I hope you are finding everything on my site helpful and I want to thank you for taking the time to read my content. A lot of work went into it but I enjoyed every second of it. A lot of people have asked me if I offer any services in terms of LinkedIn optimization or resume writing or perhaps career coaching. The answer however is no. While I see great value in services like that, I currently don’t offer anything like that. While many of my articles offer great tips on resumes or getting the most out of LinkedIn, I personally don’t have the time to provide hands on individual help like that. That being said there are many of great services out there. There are also some not so great ones out there. Below I have a few links to services I personally trust.

My favorite services out there would be Great Resumes Fast. There are a lot of reasons to trust this site but let me tell you a few of the reasons while I personally think they are they best way to go. To me the biggest reason to trust them is that they they have an industry best guarantee. If you use their service and you don’t get the results you are looking for in 60 days then they will redo the service for free. A 60 day money back guarantee is as good as it gets. The reason that they can offer a guarantee like that is because they have amazing 99% success rate within those 60 days. Basically they can offer a guarantee like that because people barely ever need to use it. In addition that they are regarded as one of the best in the industry. Take a look at the awards they have won in the image below, the results speak for themselves.


In addition to having an ironclad guarantee and receiving just about every award you can in their category they also have a ton of Service Offerings. They offer resume analysis, resume writing and editing along with LinkedIn optimization. I am a huge fan of optimizing your LinkedIn. In fact, 2 of my last 4 jobs were through people who reached out to me on LinkedIn. I literally didn’t have to do anything. I feel very passionate about utilizing LinkedIn, here is a link to a post I wrote on LinkedIn How LinkedIn can get you a new job: Why it’s crucial for every job seeker and here is a link to my personal LinkedIn page My LinkedIn Profile, feel free to add me! They also have people who specialize in writing resumes for Entry Level Candidates, IT Professionals, Executives and those entering the civilian workforce transitioning from the military. No matter what line or work you are in, if you need help with any part of your resume or LinkedIn they have you covered.


To give you another solid option to consider, I would also recommend Professional Resume Services. They offer similar services and are also very well regarded. The thing I really like about Executive Resumes is their do it all approach. Their model is really neat because they offer packages and depending on the level of package you get different services. For example their entry level package comes with a one on one consulting session, a professional cover letter, resume and thank you letters for distribution. IT also comes with unlimited email support and a job success kit. If you are looking for some one to listen to everything you need and they do all the leg work so you can go to market with a top of the line resume (and extras) they offer a great all included package.

I always recommend dressing to impress. If you need a tie or a other dress attire, in my opinion you cant beat the price and speed of Amazon! I linked to a Michael Kors tie, they happen to be a favorite of mine.

Hopefully those help, let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!